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May 23, 2017 · Personal statistic is available at 21:35 (where I forgot to put 20-Slot Backpack ×1, and Lv.85 Equipment Restructuring Solution (Orange) ×2). (╯ )╯ Items taken: 03:23 Custom Astraea's

20-Slot Backpack | Aura Kingdom Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia 20-Slot Backpack Inventory Binds on Equip. Place in your backpack or your warehouse to increase capacity by twenty ... Aura Kingdom Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. 5-Slot Backpack | Aura Kingdom Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia 5-Slot Backpack Inventory Cannot be traded. Cannot access the shared warehouse. Place it in your backpack or your warehouse to increase capacity by five slots. Cannot be used in backpack fusion. Can I unbind a backpack? :: Aura Kingdom General Discussions Ok so I'm new to aura kingdom and I just bought a 15-slot backpack since it's cheaper than a 20 and realized there's no way to unequip it. I'm making the assumption I can eventually replace it with a 20-slot, can anyone clear this up for me ...

Aura Kingdom Buying and Selling Guide by KMGopez I. Auctioneers II. C.O.D. Mail III. Personal Stalls. I. Auctioneers. The Auction House in Aura Kingdom is an invaluable resource for people who need to get some extra gold but don’t have the time to spam trade chat selling their wares.

Welcome to the Twin Saga Itemmall. Here you have 20-Slot Backpack or 10 Loyalty Points. AuraKingdom - Private Server - AuraKingdom.to

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when i try to make some 10 slot backpack from loyalti shop i cant combine the 5 slot Help.. when I right click the fusion scroll it didnt show the formula even the ...

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